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    Here is a simple candler I put together. I apologize for the pictures, I can't find my camera and had to use my monitor's video cam. First you wire and attach a socket to a piece of 2x4. You can get these sockets at wm or a hardware store. Mine has a pull chain. An inline switch would work better, and I will probably be upgrading.


    Take a box to fit over the 2x4 and cut a hole in the bottom, the size isn't that important.


    Next take an old mouse pad or a piece of craft foam and cut a hole in it. I have several different size holes to fit, LF, bantam and turkey.


    Put your box over the bulb. You can make this permanent by attaching the box to the 2x4, just make sure the light bulb is directly under the hole in the box. You can put in a bigger brighter bulb, but you may need a taller box. Then just put the pad on top depending on what size egg you want to candle.

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