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  1. united

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    Feb 19, 2010
    what is in your opinion the best home made food to give to chickens for good quality meat. It's an extra hard land (regarding grass).
  2. CoopCrazy

    CoopCrazy Brooder Boss

    Mar 3, 2009
    I just cant see how home made food would feasible (or financialy benefecial) with meat birds as they eat so much food..
  3. randyandmegs

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    Jan 1, 2009
    Columbus NC
    Im going to make homemade food with my 2nd batch. Well not as much homemade as it will be custom mixed. The ration I will be using will be an exact copy of what Polyface suggests:

    Corn, 52%
    Roasted Soybeans, 29% (may substitute soybean meal or cottonseed meal)
    Crimped Oats, 11% (whole oats okay)
    Feed Grade Limestone, 1%
    Fertrell Nutri-Balancer , 3%
    Fish Meal, 3.5% (he likes Sea-Lac)
    Kelp Meal, .5% (Icelandic... not exactly local for either Virginia or Oklahoma)
    Fastrack Probiotic, .1%

    Total: 100.1% (??)

    I tried to copy and paste this as a quote from another post but it didnt work....

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