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    I am looking foward to building a cabinet style incubator out of a retired refrigerator. I would appreciate recommendations for all components. Since I am doing the work myself and I want the result to be a high end product. Here is my rationale.....I can assemble the best components for all aspects of the incubation process and still have it cost me a fraction of the cost of a high end manufactured unit. Anyone out there with recommendations on components ie. specific makes, models, etc. of thermostats, humidity control, air circulation components etc. please feel free to make suggestions, give links etc. any help will be appreciated. When I actually create this product I intend to share the process in this forum photographically as well as with descriptions and how I weighed the diff. products specs. etc . to make the decissions that I made. THANK YOU in advance for any and all help. The refrig. I am using is a relatively small (24" wide x about 60" tall outside dims.) unit with a seperate freezer compartment door at the top. I would like to incorperate a thermopane glass panel into the front door to maximize visability of the entire interior. I look foward to hearing from as many of you as possible who have experience. thanks
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    supply carries parts too I tend to copy whatever works this kina saves on R&D [​IMG] I use thrift stores and second hand shops for small space heaters for the heating elements hair dyers and toasters have them too as do coffee warmers etc the thrift stores here have computer power supplie they are normally 2-$5 they have been having 2 fans on them 1 small one and the other fairly large 4"ish If I were starting with a refrigerator I would try to keep as many of the original parts that I could use.
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    thanks for the info, ill check cutler supply out.

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