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    Apr 25, 2014
    I ordered too many eggs for the Easter HAL to fit my Styrofoam Hova Bator. After freaking out someone on BYC suggested I build or borrow a second incubator if I couldn't buy one.
    A friend instantly agreed to let me borrow HER styrofoam incubator...PERFECT! I know how to use those.
    I showed up at her house to pick it up and was handed this!!!


    It is massive! I was told it would take nearly a day to get up to the right temperature but after covering the inside with tinfoil it is rising quickly. There is a large plug sized hole for the turner cord that I covered in tinfoil and the entire one side of the lid has an unsealed gap that blows out air...


    My question is how much ventilation does it need. Can I leave the plug hole mostly blocked and block half of the lid gap? Or will that suffocate the chicks? The gap is blowing out a LOT of air... other than the gap and plug hole there are no holes drilled for ventilation.
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