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Discussion in 'DIY / Self Sufficiency' started by Snowypinesridge, Feb 2, 2013.

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    Cool!! We brew ginger ale/beer. Just trace amount of alcohol!! with home brew, we know exactly what goes in (grated ginger, cane sugar, yeast). My only problem is that much of the fizziness dissipates when I open up the bottle. Still has the fizziness. Haven't had any commercial stuff in years!
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    i grew up in the Midwest and we called it soda pop or just pop, so when i moved to California and asked someone if they wanted a pop they didn't know what i was talking about, they call it a soda out here and have no idea what a pop is. they don't know what their missing out on. personally I'd take a pop over a soda any day.
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    so what is the difference between soda and pop??

    Depending on the region of country you are from, we do have different names. Soda and pop are one of them. Ask a linguist for a list of items or names which are called by different names.
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    I had a teacher in High School that said, "If you want something to drink, ask for a soda, 'cuz if you ask for a 'pop', I'll give ya a 'pop' in the mouth!"

    He was from Da Bronx.

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    I read about 15-25 years ago in a Reminisce magazine that a man whom was a boy approximately the depression era, lived in the country in a farm house (his parents rented the house and either the landlord lived on the next farm over or rented the outbuildings and fields out can't remember the details) and his mom sent he and his siblings out to get pop bottles off the sides of the road that travelers tossed out the windows or left at picnic tables along the road over the winter. His mom washed rinsed and sterilized the bottles a week or two before the end of the school year and bottled their own sodas. it had to age for a while before they could drink it (part of the story he drank some of the left over stuff after they ran out of bottles and it made him sick) and apparently they had enough for each kid to drink one bottle every day roughly until the end of summer vacation. I figured out after reading the story why he and his siblings had to scourer the roads every spring to get bottles, his parents probably sold them and got more money than what the ingredients cost them...
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    Thank you for sharing your recipe! I'm making our own from a kit - but am tinkering with the batches as I go to switch up to better ingredients. Thank you for the tips!
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