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  1. Jbrandt000

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    Jul 22, 2011
    I just recently changed my home owners insurance because my present insurance company added another $200 per year to help the insurance pay for the tornado in Joplin Missouri. My new one is Farmers Insurance.

    So, the agent came to take pictures and sent them to the insurance company. The company came back and added $80.00 EXTRA to my premiums because I had more than (8) chickens.

    So, I questioned as to how they came up with my 15 chickens could ever values an EXTRA $80.00 a year.

    No, No, The extra $80.00 was for LIABILITY.

    Just how much liability can a chicken cause???

    Jerry Brandt
  2. cassie

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    Mar 19, 2009
    Ask them to document exactly how they came up with a liability on chickens. I am sure all of us would like to know. Insurance companies seem to live in their own little world that has nothing to do with the real one. My MIL had her fire insurance cancelled because she "lived too far from the fire station". The inspector came out and on his way to her place passed a fire station ten miles from her house and therefore decided she was too far away from the station to be adequately protected. If he had gone on past my MIL's house in the other direction he would have found another fire station less than a quarter mile down the road. The first station was not even in her district. Didn't matter. Insurance company insisted that their inspector could not possibly be wrong and wouldn't budge. Worked out better for her. She found another company with better coverage and lower rates.

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