Home raised and very friendly blue and gold macaw parrots

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  1. suh1000

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    Jan 30, 2015
    Home raised and very friendly blue and gold macaw parrots.We are giving out a special pairof Blue and Gold Macaws for sale to any loving and caring home. They are home raised andall registered. We have raised them from their eggs to maturity. These sweet macaws have a
    great vocabulary and they love to sing. . These birds shall be going out with a cage and a bird manual we have prepared to help their prospective parents take good care of them.
    For more information u can text us via 630 755 8228
  2. LittleGecko

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    Jul 5, 2014
    Hi, I grew up with two parrots (an african grey and a yellow fronted amazon) and for a long time the other half has wanted to a parrot.
    Where are you and can you offer advice as to the care of these beautiful birds as they are larger than the breeds I am familiar with. There is someone home most of the time as the other half works days and I work evenings and we are both off work on weekends so we can offer a great deal of company and attention.

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