Homemade Bator Woes... UPDATE: I am a moron!

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    So I got my wine cooler bator all set up - heating element in, fans wired up, everything working great. Once I got all of the basic elements working I ordered my Reptitemp thermostat a couple of weeks ago and finally got to testing it out today... I was very excited- plugged my heat sourcee power cord into it and it's working great.... I'm just fooling with it to get it to the right temp now and it's almost there.

    BUT..... I plugged the power cord to the fridge in and my fans are no longer working! I didn't do anything with them so I can't figure out what the heck happened! They're plugged in properly, everything else on the circuit board looks fine. What the heck? Not sure what to do now... May have to figure out how to rewire them but I have no idea how to do that [​IMG]

    UPDATE: I am a total moron! I forgot that the fridge has an on/off button and when you plug it in you have to actually press the On button to get the fans going [​IMG] LOL. I feel pretty dumb right now but at the same time super happy! This thermostat is totally awesome - keeps temps within about .2 degrees of the target. Now I'm just working on getting my humidity right an hopefully we'll be setting some test eggs from my girls tonight or tomorrow. Woo Hoo!
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    [​IMG] .....After that story I thought I should ask, you do know you have to have a rooster with your hens to get fertile eggs, right? [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. The worst thing you forgot was to keep the stupid stuff to yourself!![​IMG] Hope you have a great hatch .......stan

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