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    Jun 4, 2013
    We are processing our first birds tomorrow and I want to make chicken stock from the feet. I have read some recipes that say to strip the yellow membrane off the feet and others that don't mention it. If I do need to remove it, how do I do that? and what exactly is the "yellow membrane"? is that just the outer layer of skin on the feet? Sorry first time chicken owner. :)
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    Hope to be not too late to help or for next time, I too needed that info for our first birds butchered. There is an almost saran wrap consistency to the covering which you will have to scald the feet very well to see. The first time I did not do this right and tried to peel the skin off the feet and this was a 3 year old hen so I gave up very frustrated. If properly scalded a very thin layer peels off quite easily and the feet and necks do make excellent stock. I usually remove the toe nails but have made it both ways, a little cider vinegar in the stock water helps to disolve some calcium from the bones and makes it even healthier. Hope that helps.
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    To remove the scales from the legs/feet, bring a pot of water to a boil, and drop the feet in to the water for about 3-5 seconds. (A double boiler works great for this.) the scales and nails come right off.

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