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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by laboroflove, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Mar 15, 2011
    My husband and I are going to build my daughter a duck pond for her ducks (3). We feel they would be happier in something bigger than a large kiddie pool. Any ideas? We are limited on money, but want to make it big enough for them and with material that will with stand them.

    Also, what size should we make it? How deep? Any information/tips are greatly appreciated. [​IMG]

    Thank you
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    We tried the larger pond idea, but honestly unless you have moving water through it ou are going to quickly wish you had the kiddie pool back. It will become dirty thanks to the lovely quackers. There have been a few try various filter systems, but ducks are messy, it's just how they are programmed. On a limited budget I would suggest a second kiddie pool or 1 or 2 cement mixing pans added in. You will be happier dumping and cleaning them out. Also less chance of mosquitoes setting up residence.
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    What do you consider a limited budget?

    In the end, I think we spent >$600 on the pond for my 2 ducks. When we started, it was three, but that's still $200 per duck [​IMG]
    You will need some type of filter system, though after a month of ours being unplugged due to a leak somewhere in the filter box (still can't find it!), the ducks were still happily using it, even though it was nasty green. But it was just green, not floating green algae bloom like would happen with their big kiddie pool after 3 days in the summer. Right now, without the heat and more direct sun, it isn't green, but brown [​IMG] We changed out the water a few weeks ago, tried to find the issue in the filter box and fixed what was one of what turned out to be two issues - so now it is just nasty poopy water - EW

    Here's the thread of putting ours together

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