Homemade duckhouse + pen (Fertile mallard eggs incld!)

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    Apr 8, 2010
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    Cost me over $100 to make. It's a little dirty, but it has been outside, so what do you expect? It took 2 coats of outside paint (dark red, brown roof) + sealant. NO WATER DMG despite being used through all the weather and winter! Very solidly constructed. I don't have any pictures, but it's about 3X2X3 house, slanted roof with door ramp, and back door for getting eggs or checking on broodies! My 1 hen duck raised 7 ducklings in the house. Then pen breaks down and is held together with brackets with pins. I spared no expense. There's a gate with latch. the fencing on the frame is green screen plastic, 3/4" i think.

    Asking $75, but shoot me an offer. Perfect for 3-4 ducks or a pair of geese, or 4-5 chickens and could fit even more quail in it. must pick up in carlisle, pa. shipping would cost more than it's worth.

    my hen is continuing to lay even though i can't incubate them or let her sit since I am moving, so if you take the house and pen, you get the eggs for free! If you want them. there's currently 9


    (selling because of cross country move, easier to buy or make new setup when i get there)
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    Please post a photo. We are way to far to purchase, but like looking at coop photos.

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