Homemade feeder for picky chickies! And it's free!

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    Jun 3, 2014
    Hi all:

    I had a somewhat unusual problem with my three barred rock pullets; they steadfastly refused to eat out of a commercial feeder. I tried the mason jar in the round dispenser thingy, and then the longer horizontal feeder. They'd run up to it, look at it, scratch at it, and wander off. It got to the point where they were losing weight. BUT... if I put the feed in an open bowl, they'd scarf it all down in a flash. However, it would get spilled, and filled up with dirt and debris/poo, and gets soaked if it rains. I wasn't about to waste more $$ trying to get chickens to eat.

    So I designed a feeder that they just love..... and it was FREE! FREE! FREEEEEE!

    I just took a 1 gallon milk jug, washed it out really well, kept the cap on it, and cut two 3" diameter circles about 3" from the base, on the two sides opposite the handle. Ta-da!

    This holds enough feed for them for a day (at least until they get bigger), it's open enough for them, keeps the dirt and debris and rain out if I put it under their nest box overhang. Easy to clean, easy to fill, and easy for them to use. Two hens can eat from it at the same time. If it gets beat up, I can make another one in 10 minutes.

    What's not to like???
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