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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by prairiegirl, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. prairiegirl

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    Jul 6, 2008
    I've been busy crocheting dishcloths. I plan to give these with some of my milk and honey soap. I have a 2 pairs of slippers crocheted. I also have a couple of table runners done. One has a set of matching placemats. I have a scarf and blanket to put together, too. Some will get baked goods - cookies, quick breads, yeast breads, rolls. The breads will be paired with homemade jams and fresh butter. I have candles purchased throughout the year and want to make candle mats to go along with those.

    What homemade gifts are you giving this Christmas season?
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  2. tamsflock

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    Nov 13, 2008
    Ashville, Alabama
    I am doing jams, breads and my newest addiction goat milk soaps.
  3. m.kitchengirl

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    Jun 4, 2011
    I'm knitting some Christmas Ornaments, headbands, and some large floor pillows for my sons.
    Making a quilt for the man in my life, its all cut out & ready to go when he is away over Thanksgiving.
    I am making an apron or two, and some felted soaps...

    I like to make assorted small things & put them together in little gifts baskets.

    A homemade apron, some hand knit oven mitts, and a jar of dry biscuit mix with some of my canned strawberry syrup for strawberry shortcakes. (For my sister.)

    A hand knit headband, a felted soap, and a few hand dipped candles (I let the kids make a few types of candles each year to add to gift baskets).

    Have a quilt with a fiddle applique I just need to put the boarder on for my Mom.

    My Dad is tough, he hates everything, but the last few years has really liked my candy & cookie basket. This year I got a pressure cooker so I will be giving him some canned soups, and sauces along with his candy & cookies.

    My musician friends who are out on the road LOVE my new pressure cooker. They have enjoyed my home cooked food on their travels (I try to give them things they can heat up in the hotel room coffee pot. Sorry if any of you ever have to clean up their rooms after they leave. I ask them to leave a $5 bill on the coffee maker if they re-heat chicken noodle soup in it.)
    I'll restock them, along with candy & cookies for the Holidays. Those boys need a Mom style care package at least 3 times a year.

    I always have my sons make a different Christmas ornament each year, and they go in the gift baskets. Last year they were shrinky dink reindeer and santas they colored and then we baked. They were very cute. Not sure what they'll do this year.

    I try to do homemade for Christmas every year. I get better at it every year, too. I think it speaks much more about who I am and about how much I care for the people I create for. It is much more fulfilling than hitting the mall, and I think most people appreciate it more.
    The only trouble? Not being able to brag to my honey about his quilt yet! Or post pics on my Facebook! Boo!

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