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    This is more of a "pre-sale". I've been making soaps for a few fall/winter fairs, so I don't have any available yet. But, I wanted to give BYC members a crack at it before it goes to the public sales. I'm not requesting money until the soaps are ready. Basically more of a waiting list than a pre-sale, but you get the jist.

    Soaps are $1/oz. Bars are approximately 3 or 4oz bars. I ALWAYS round down. If purchasing a single bar, if there is a 4.0-4.9oz bar of soap, it's sold as a 4oz bar. 3.0-3.9oz bars are sold as 3oz bars. Most 3oz bars are 3.5oz or above, but the 4oz bars are closer to the lower range of the 4oz. Everything is cut by hand, so this is why there is variance.

    I have Oatmeal, Milk and Honey, Lilac, White Tea and Ginger, unscented and a few other scents (just have to figure out what I did with them when I moved!!!
    Ingredients: (All saponified of course) Olive Oil, Goatmilk, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Fragrance (on the scented bars). No colorants used.

    Bars are somewhat soft if kept in the line of water in the shower. I keep mine on a little soap dish on the side, well away from the main stream of the water. I recommend that consumers use a similar method to keep the bars dry when not in use. Otherwise, they're very rich and creamy and have great lather. I only use this soap for myself, as it doesn't cause any "girl problems" like commercial soaps do. I also use it on my two toddlers with no ill effect. It isn't tear-free, but it doesn't have a lingering burn like some other soaps have, and it doesn't seem as bad. It also doesn't taste too bad, if you get it in your mouth, lol. So, anyways, if anyone would like to be put "on the list" for when it'll be done (mid October), please let me know your scent preference and approximately how much you'd like.

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