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Oct 4, 2016
with my birds
I have made a harness for my muscovy Vanilla Creamy. It's made out of an old shirt, and took a couple of hours to make. It has a girth and a relatively tight neckband (It appears to be causing him no discomfort. I believe he can't get out from it. I haven't made the leash yet, but have all the materials. I have to mentally prepare myself to cut his beautiful wing feathers, but I know it is a must if I want to take him anywhere. I'll post pictures later. I plan on making a duckling sized one also. Any tips?

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That is awesome you can do this. Hope you post pics of Vanilla Creamy wearing it I would love to see. As for duckling size they grow so fast you'll either have to make the first adjustable or just keep making them. lol

Wing clipping is very easy once you get the hang of it. I have been doing it on my scovy's going on 14 yrs. Haven't lost a one. :)


Feb 13, 2018
Hey there!

It's been a loong time since you posted this.. But I would love to see yout DIY chicken harness :D

I'm planning to make one for my Brahma. Just let me know if you have any tips to share :thumbsup

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