Homemade Incubator


Mar 21, 2015
British Columbia, Canada.
So I bought this nice little cooler (doesn't work) with the intention of taking the guts out and making a nice cabinet incubator out of it:

Has anyone else altered a cooler like this who could throw out some advice on good ways to alter it? I'm hoping I can use some of the wiring etc inside of it, I see some fans but not sure if they will push enough air. It also has two compartments which is handy! So I plan to set it up to have two climate areas. I will probably have to cut a hole for a light bulb (or two)? It had a thermostat for the cooler, could I replace it with one for heating via the same location?

I want to make it kind of spiffy :) I would like to design a way to turn from the outside as well so I don't have to open the large doors every time. I already have a design in mind for that but open to suggestions of course. I've seen some neat clock motor turner ideas but would also be fine with a crank to do it manually too.

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