homemade incubators

SCROUNGE parts/lumber/styrofoam.

READ the posting on home-made incubators.

THINK what would be MOST PRACTICAL for your situation.

DO it.

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I found a place on Ebay that turned out to be here in Idaho that carries a product called flex watt tape. It is a heating tape it comes in 3" and 11" I think thatis what I am going to use when I build mine this winter. Gonna try to use the thermostat from the little giant incubator my daughter landed on and crushed. I am hoping to build one that will handle 100 - 150 eggs. I need to figure out how big to make it. Anyone have a clue or advice?
My advise is to use a space heater. Go and buy one use the fan, and heating element. goto http://www.vellemanusa.com/us/enu/product/view/?id=351201
your thermo and modify it to work with bators (check out teco's page for info) Buy a egg turner or two from a feed store, Check out my page for design help, it's a dickey bator with solid lumber. if you don't want one that big search others pages theres lots of good cabnet designs and there you go. you'll have about 250 dollars in the project this way. If i can help then pm me.
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I've built several cheap! And they work! 3 out of old fishing coolers and 2 out of broken down fridges. Parts are cheap! A lot of the things you need are usually around the house.
I evenyually want to make one out of an old fridge in fact my dad has a couple I am trying to talk him into letting me use. what is the best way you have found to convert.

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