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    Sep 13, 2011
    hi i am looking to build my own incubator i have a polystyrene box ,glass,hygrometerlight and everything else i just need a thermostat but a cheap one lol or would a dimmer switch work ??? or would it be to hard to keep the temperature right??? i found a thermostat on ebay would this be ok or does anyone have any other good but cheap as possible ways to make an incubator thanks


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    I have made two incubators. The first used a 25W light with a thermostat I already happened to have from my reptile keeping days. The second uses a reptile heat pad on a dimmer switch, which worked awesome. Once I got the temp set where I wanted it, I didn't have to make any adjustments for the entire incubation period.

    A dimmer *can* work but keep in mind that if the temperature in your house varies, you will need to adjust the dimmer accordingly.
  3. rebel yell

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    Jun 27, 2010
    Get yourself a wafer thermostat & you will be happy with it.

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