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    Hello folks, I have another auction up for my wonderful soaps, remember I DO have an etsy store if you see something there you like let me know [​IMG] www.missred871.etsy.com

    Yummy Mocha Frappuchino: Made with two seperate bases, Glycerin colored naturally with cocoa powder and chocked full of french vanilla coffee and Goats Milk Soap also chocked full of french vanilla coffee. Caffeine is great for the skin and rejuvenating. This is a scrub bar of sorts, at the least it is an exfoliating bar. It smells delicious and was inspired by a grande mocha frappuchino at Starbucks [​IMG]


    Sweet Southern Apple Pie: Also a glycerin based soap, this smells good enough to eat! If they had soaps like this growing up it wouldn't have been so bad when mom put the bar in your mouth for saying a naughty word! [​IMG] yes, that is a real stick of cinnamon in there, and boy does it smell gooood!


    Strawberry Smoothie: Strawberry Scented Goats milk soap with Strawberry Seeds


    Orange-sicle: orange scented goat's milk soap infused with aloe and Orange Peel

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