Homemade Waterer using 55-Gallon Drums and 5-Gallon Buckets

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    Dec 30, 2013
    Any advise on how to make a waterer out of a 55-gallon drum and a 5-gallon bucket? I bought eight 55-gallon drums with the intent of augmenting my 5-gallon bucket watering systems which I discovered on this website!. My first prototype was a dud...so far!

    What I did was elevate the 55-gallon drum and plumb a 1-inch pipe from the bottom of the drum into the top of the 5-gallon bucket. My drum and bucket are both air tight. However, when I fill the drum, cap it, and release the water from the drum to the bucket, it either flows freely out of the 5-gallon bucket before the 5-gallon bucket has a chance to fill, or it won't flow at all. I am hoping that it's just an issue with air in the pipe and the 5-gallon bucket that are creating a vacuum. Tonight I am going to buy a "bleeder valve" for the top of the 5-gallon bucket so I can bleed the air out of the 5-gallon bucket as it is filling with water.

    Has anyone else attempted this type of homemade waterer and if so, does it work?

    Thank you much
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    Nov 4, 2013

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