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Ok.....I have looked at the past posts here regarding making a waterer with a 5 gallon pail. Obviously, this Polish guy (me) is doing something really wrong. I purchased 3, 5 gallon pails at Lowes and 3, 14" glazed potted plant trays that are about 3-4" deep. I drilled 4 holes, about 3/4" ea, around the bottom of the bucket. Placed the pail on top of the plant tray and filled it up. All of the water, down to the level of the holes, simply drained out and over the top of the plant tray. I'm guessing there is something simple here that I'm missing....can someone help.....please?!!
Did you put the lid on?

The bucket needs to be sealed with the only way the water can come out (and air get back in) being the holes you drilled. The holes will only let water out when the level drops.
I'm thinking you drilled the holes in the wrong end. You've made a feeder though if that's what you did, so don't throw them away.
You need to have the holes at the rim part of the bucket. Go to the link provided above and you'll see what you did wrong!
I wondered the same thing so I took a 1 pound yogurt container, drilled 4 holes around the top, the end where the lid would go and filled it with water then placed a plant saucer over the top, held it on tight and tipped it over so the planter was now the base. The water trickled into the saucer to the top level of the holes. A quart, give or take, container full of water is easy to handle, how do you do that with 5 gallons of water though.

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