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10 Years
Jul 23, 2009
Ellijay Ga.
Any wine makers out there. Last night i started a new batch of peach wine. Its going to be pushing it for it to be ready for christmas gifts.
We just started some elderberry - i used to make a lot, but have slowed down this past year. My house now has radiant heat in the floors, and it is too hot in the basement for really good wine making. Even if I put the racked wine on shelves, it just doesn't seem to age well. Our old house had a hand dug and rock walled basement that was ideal for storing wine.

We have made just about every kind you can think of over the years - including herb,tomato, and ramp wine.

Good luck with yours, and to your health!
Peach is my 'unlucky' wine.

Never fails that the peach wine is the one that gets contaminated, knocked over, dropped, etc....

I do make a killer blueberry mead, and an apple-mint mead that is infamous in several renaissance fair circles.

Stopped doing beer for a while. I should get back into it.
Tried carrot?

I thought it was weird the first time I tried it, but it tastes the way you would expect strawberry wine to taste.
I used to make blackberry and mulberry wine. Had one of those handdug rock basements too. No basement at all now.

Have a few older recipies around if ya'll would like to give them ago. Cherry Bounce, Megalith or something like that, it's a hard lemonade made with honey and lemons(just yummy!) and a few others out of an old recipe book from the mountains.
Ahhh so im not the only one
I have made alot of wine of different kinds but the one that eludes me is corn wine well a good corn recipe
so far the one that i have liked the best is a strawberry wine i made about 4 years ago and i think i still have 4 or 5 bottles of it left.

I would love to trade some wine recipes maybe we could post them here so everyone could share
Just started it and might be ready for christmas????? Thats really pushing it for good wine isnt it?? I usually do not ever do less than 6 months. I had a batch go for about 18 months before bottleing it. (strawberry/peach)
Wanna talk wierd wine. I done a batch of turnip wine once. smelled like @#$^(* but tasted alright. I used it for mairnade. Also gave it away for "here taste this" type of gifts.
My best ever was a small batch of rose petal wine I made from my grandmothers roses. Almost entered it in a competition but couldn't give up 2 bottles of it because I only made about 1.5 gals. and it was a sentimental thing to give a bottle to my dad, one to my granddad, and keep one myself to put up.
Anyway keepm up with the homemade wine and lets share ideas on different things to try. I have 5 gals of tomato going now.

it is pushing it but i do have a orange sangria thats little over a year that may have to do.

The only thing i have ever done with tomato is make a wash out of it
We do meads here, with the occasional champange.

This year it's been the lemon mint that has everyone calling, it's aging for holiday gifts as we speak (Use Meyer Lemons if you can find them).


The printer jammed on the labels, so this batch is staying here.

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