I don't know much about homeopathy for people or animals, but I do have Bach's rescue remedy for pets in my "chicken emergency kit". It really seems to help calm them down.
never used it on birds but have used it on a 4 week old puppy that a neighbor "threw out b/c she was dying " They didn't want to pay a vet.
Another neighbor and i rescued her and called a homeopathic pharmacy .They told us what to do over the phone.The puppy went from having white gums and being LITERALLY almost dead.She was cold to the touch and barely breathing etc. to romping around in our kitchen. All this in a matter of less than an hour. Once we had her "up and running" we got her to the vet's who said she was completely LOADED with internal parasites .
Anyway, my suggestion is to call a Homeopathic pharmacy and see what they say about treating poultry .
In general , i KNOW the stuff works wonders !
WOW...that is so encouraging. I will definitely use that as first line of defense unless the symptoms are overwhelming...yours is a great story with a happy ending. Thank you or sharing it.
Maggie...the name the puppy was given by her new owner lived to be 16 years old... it was a very happy ending.

DO be sure to call a homeopathy pharmacy though when you're trying to treat a health issue .
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I have used homeopathy successfully with our whole family many, many times - animals included. Just yesterday, I had to use it to help a neighbor's duck who had been attacked.


I am also interested to learn about others using homeopathy on the farm. I know there are books written about it, but they are very hard to find.
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