Homeschoolers!! What are your favorite websites?

Chicken Fruit

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Feb 25, 2009
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And google.

I schooled my four years of high school myself when I was 14-15 over the course of 12 months. My mom wasnt able to teach me because I was just simply outgrew her own high school education. Google and dogpile were my favorites. This was 11 years ago, but they still were quite useful. I studied local law and code enforcements, researched current events, animal husbandry, life science, algebra and logic. I loved logic. I tried physics but just didnt get into it very much. I didnt have the college lectures online at that time.

Nowdays though they have free online college lecture videos on and, and on a lot of actual college websites, such as berkley and yale. is also a nice site I think thats the site I remember, some where there is a national history/historical archive site that has loads and LOADS of pictures, details, and summaries of actual historical events pertaining directly to our nation since its beginning, and even the daily lives of ordinary people. Google it if thats not right.

Theres just so many... I cant even think of them. lol.
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