Homestead Act of 2010

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    DH doesn't already have his Masters/PhD (have his Bach this month) or he could be applying for teaching positions near these places.

    Of course, I did notice that most of them are for NON AG purposes... No Livestock... which IMO kinda kills the whole word Homestead... but for those looking for a place figured I'd share.
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    Aug 12, 2009
    I scanned through that earlier today too. I would not want to move anywhere we can not have animals even if it was free land.
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    Yeah pretty well my thoughts but you never know.

    A BYCer might have an animal hating neighbor who they wouldn't mind moving to BFE Nebraska. [​IMG]

    Edit... for the record BFE stands for Battle for Endor... well if you have a chicken named Endor and a neighbor that's trying to get him/her outlawed, impounded or eaten.... it could happen.
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