Hominy & more breakfast caserole

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    Mar 4, 2009
    Incredibly easy and YUMMY.
    Everyone I feed this too LOVES it. [​IMG]


    What you need:

    4 15.5 oz cans of hominy. Drained (white or gold is fine)
    6 eggs
    1 can of Campbel's Chedder Cheese soup
    1 1/2 cups of milk
    1 lb of chopped ham. (I'm sure sausage or bacon would work too. crumble the bacon though.)
    4 oz. shredded Chedder Cheese
    salt & pepper

    One caserole dish lighty brushed with butter.

    Preheat your oven to 360. (Make sure your shelf is in the center of your oven.)
    In a large bowl dump the condensed cheese soup.
    Stir it with a whisk. Gradually add the milk. (continue to stir with the whisk till it's smooth.)
    Add the eggs. Whisk till the yolks are broken and the mixture is smooth.
    Sprinkle in salt & pepper to taste.
    Add shredded cheese (you might want to switch spoon to stir at this point.)
    Add ham.
    Add Hominy.

    Once it's all mixed pour it into your caserole dish.
    Bake for an hour to an hour & 20 minutes.
    Basically check it after an hour if it still looks kinda gooey in the middle it needs more time.

    You want it to look like this.


    For a really easy breakfast in the morning, you can even throw this together the night before & stick it in the fridge.

    Let me know if you try it! [​IMG]

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