Honest opinion of this coop as a first time BYC owner. Housing two hens only.


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
I appreciate the experience and advice available on this site. I have been wanting chickens for some time now and I believe the only way to get started, for me, is to just get started already in the simplest way possible. I am only looking to keep two hens. I found this coop on eBay and the price is within my budget. I understand that many of these cookie cutter coops are garbage. I like that the run area is already included and that I could move this around my yard by myself. I know that there are creative ways to make your own or recycle other materials but those options don't really work for me. So please share your advice if you think this is an acceptable coop and could last about 2 years.

eBay link is below, just cut and paste.


Thank you for your time and advice!

The Lazy L

9 Years
Dec 16, 2011
1/2" hardware cloth instead of chicken wire, that's GOOD!

Pull out eay to clean poop tray, That's good.

IMHO a bit lite on construction BUT should work for 2 chickens in a city/subdivision environment.

Price seems reasonable for what you're getting plus the free shipping.
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