honest question about pesky people & trail cameras


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Jun 1, 2008
Ok, I have been reading posts about people with problem neighbors, problems with people messing with their animals, just problems with people. In most of the posts someone mentions putting up a camera, like the game type. I don't know how these work but if the camera made noise and/or had a flash couldn't the person just take the camera?
The reason I ask is because we had a problem neighbor who vandalized and stole stuff constantly. We were going to put up one of those cameras but figured he would just take that too
. Thankfully my neighbor is gone, but is there a way to put them there so the 2 legged pests can't take it?

eta- I thought they just attached to a tree or post?
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Mar 9, 2008
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It's funny you should bring that up. I was looking for a camera and went on Canon's web site and found them. I do know where there is one and it only works with movement. If someone of something walked by it then it takes a picture. That one is about 30 feet up in a tree. I don't know how they put it up there but they use theirs for taking pics of deer and bear. I would not think these cameras have a flash because it would scare the deer away.


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Most of the hunting cameras have a strap that goes around the tree to hold the camera on. Some are camo so they are harder to see. and you would just have to put them up high enough in a tree that people couldn't reach it. They have some where you can turn the flash on or off even some with night vision.

check out www.cabelas.com search for cameras they have many

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