Honky Again....What kind of Goose Am I??


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Jul 29, 2013
Hi Everyone, Now that Honky is getting a little older, I was waiting for him to get all white since we think he is an Embden Goose. Well... he is not getting white. He has alot of grey feathers on his chest and under his wings. Also on his wings and his back there are a couple of black feathers. He also has two grey spots on each side of his head, that seem to be getting darker and bigger. Anyone know what my Crazy Goose Is? Here are some pics of my beautiful new friend (when he is sleeping...HE BITES!!...ouch...lol..lol...


Lovely, lovely goose

I wonder if he could be a cross?
I think he may be, or possibly cotton patch. Mixed breed geese are healthier and will thrive longer.
Paddy my oldest Chinese gosling is getting his knob, he was born in march.
I will try to get a new pic to share with you
My goose still has the gray in her feathers too. Even now going through her final molt into adult hood her feather colors haven't gone away. What's different is he has spots on his head which mine doesn't. But like Amiga suggested he might be crossed with something, you never know. I didn't realize he had so many spots. He could still loose them and turn full white but I'm not sure when that happens. And I'm not sure how old honky is.
I wish I knew how old he is. Gosh I would like to know if he's a boy or girl...lol..lol..guess I will have to wait and see. Honky has been a big mystery from the minute I laid eyes on him. remember I thought he was a big fat white duck...lol
Honestly I can't tell my boys from girl apart other than my female has the gray like honky and my males don't. That and they are banded so I can tell who is who. Lol maybe he should of been called mystery. Actually now that I think of it honky might be a female, as its usually the females that get the gray feathers at least so I've heard.
Chinese are pure pristine white feathered, blue eyes, or the Grey/Brown phase with deep brown eyes. The real give away is the very long neck like a swan.
The Chinese are said to be bred from swans and African geese.
Their necks are LONG and they stand up high unless they are submissive. (to me or their gander)
They are graceful in their movement. Cotton patch have more of a waddle and necks are shorter.
Boys have a higher tone (gee, gee!) and hens a low (wawa, wawa) Bigger legs, heavier and taller. means a gander.
Did he/she come from ducklover? If so, it sounds like its one of the color sexing breeds. Whatever it turns out to be its beautiful. You might have better luck posting in the goose thread.
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something I noticed today... My 4 embden goslings, 2 have black, or dark grey on some of the wing tips and misc feathers..
2 I think are the goose both have it and looks a lot like Honky. Embden have a stout shorter neck too, than chinese.
I haven't had this breed for at least 15 years but it sure looks like him/her!
Going to try to get pics of the goslings and geese tomorrow. They sure resemble Honky.

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