hook line and sinker... Old farmer eaten by his hogs in Oregon.

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    Pretty amazing... how this story keeps coming back in different reincarnation. Usually the story goes "the family only found the old farmers dentures in the pen..."


    The other story I get a good laugh is about a family bury their dead pet, the neighbors dog digs the remains out and takes it to the dog's family. Family realizes its the neighbors pet cat so they clean the remain and place the cat in its back yard like its sleeping. Owner of the cat is puzzled.

    Both good stories for a kid. I don't know how many times these tales were told to me. Even as a nine or ten year old, you catch on pretty quick. LOL.

    The best one was pulled on me by my BIL. He pretended to be IRS field agent wanting me to come to the office in Wichita oh several hours drive from my house at the time for an audit... I was so fuming mad. He really got me and I never could get him back. I told my now ex to have a word with his smart ***** brother. They both laughed... no sympathy from my ex.

    Have any other stories like these?
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    Oh, nasty. I would really hate to see that sight... [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Oh dear. Terrible.

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