Hoop coop: electrified wire or apron?


6 Years
Mar 13, 2013
Hi guys, finally ready to put together a hoop coop this weekend. It will be a run before winter and I get the permanent coop built.
I'm wondering about predator proofing the base. (Hardware cloth over the cattle panels for the body). The example I am working from shows 1 electrified wire all around the base of this open bottomed coop.
I understand the other option might be an apron; is that also made of hardware cloth?
Should I enclose the bottom also? Is electric preferable to the apron? I know there are no guarantees in life, but I want to make it as safe as I can possibly do.
I want to be able to move the thing every few days or so because actual free ranging isn't an option for tiny Nankins starting out!
I'm in NC, so I know we have coons, martens, hawks, coyotes, loose dogs and cats. I have a couple of (shiftless!) donkeys, and I intend to out the whole pen inside the paddock perimeter. Supposedly that fence is electrified but it's never worked right.
Thanks for any and all ideas.
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If possible I would go with the electric fencing. An apron might very well work, but predators will give it a try running around the pen and scaring the birds. One 'zap' from the electric and they should be educated. A combination of both would be even better.
You're right, sourland, it makes sense to do both. Don't know I was approaching it as either/or. Thanks for the input!

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