Hoop coops - they aren't just for chickens! Easy goat shelter...

My husband and built this over the last few days. Only took a few hours, and less than $100 in new supplies. Most of what we used was leftover from other projects, or typical supplies we keep on hand. It measures 8x8 at the base, and is 6'2" tall at the peak. It has an elevated plywood platform at the back to give the goats a dry place to lay down.

Supply list:
4 - 4x4x8 posts
8 - 6" lag screws
3 - 16' cattle panels
a bunch of heavy barbed fence staples
3 - 2x4x8 PT boards
1 - 4x8x 1/2" plywood
4 - 2x4 hanger brackets
a bunch of 2" deck screws
a bunch of 4" deck screws
1 - 10x12 tarp
1 - 12x16 tarp
1" fender washers
11" zip ties
Heavy 18" zip ties
3/4" pipe insulation foam tubes (pre-split)



5 Years
Jan 27, 2014
Central Oregon
VERY nice!


Free Ranging
13 Years
Mar 19, 2009
Make sure the goats cannot chew the tarp. My neighbor's pygmy goat ripped off pieces of a tarp forming his shelter. He ate them, got an impacted stomach and died. Just something to be aware of.

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