Hoop Coops*UPDATE!*It's finished! New Pics pg. 3

I like thaat the new coop is designed to reduce the number of broilers that get run over when moving it.
LOL! Yeah, I liked that part too! "they will pop through"
I think that's because people who use these on a large scale move them with a tractor, and can't really see into while they are moving it. I will be pulling mine by hand and very slowly to avoid running over anybody!

Following the instructions to construct the bottom frame and then attach the wire is NOT working for me! Unless you have more than one person it is VERY difficult to manage holding things together and nailing them.
I tried it with the frame flat on the ground and bent the wire over and tied it to prevet a "SPROING" accident but was having trouble bracing the frame while I nailed the wire. Decided to prop the frame against the house and nail one side of the wire, which worked fine until I got almost to the end of one side and the whole thing fell over, tearing the frame apart. It probably would have held together if I had had the corner braces in, but those can't go on until the wire is in place, unless you want to make a cut out which I think is a hassle and weakens then structure.

I have decided that I will take a bubble bath, wash my hair and attck this again from another angle tomorrow.
I am going to lay the wire out flat and attach the 2 sides of the frame while it is flat, then grab one side and walk it over till it is about the right place and secure it with a rope (to prevent "SPROING") and THEN attach the crossbars of the frame and the braces. I think that will work. Guess I'll find out tomorrow......

That would take like, actual measuring and stuff!
Nah, too much like work. Besides, I want the wire to go down a couple inches on the frame, so I can fasten it vertically and horizontally for more stability.
Tim, thanks for the good link.

Can I just say that this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Minimal expense, something I can do (with no carpentry skills) AND it's movable. I'm going to get the cattle panels asap.

And thanks for the tips on drilling holes to prevent the SPROING effect. As a clueless non-handyperson, I don't really understand how to attach the panels to the bottom frame. Do you have to cut the cattle panel wires? What keeps them "in place". Sorry if this is such a Duh question, but hey I'm very handy at OTHER things.

Also, why can't you make a larger, 3 panel hoop? I'd like this just a little bigger and I think that would do it.

You can fasten the wire to the frame with regular fence staples (like for nailing barbed wire to wood posts)
Since the panels are about 52.5 ", 2 panels make it almost 8ft deep. I made mine 10ft wide and it's about 6ft high in the center. You can make it higher by making the end pieces shorter. Remember to leave about a foot longer on the sides and taper them so it makes a skid that won't catch on the ground when you move it.
You could make it longer than 2 panels, just remember that you will have to find lumber in that length so you won't have to piece the frame together, and the longer it is, the easier it will be to damage when you move it.
I would have probably first temporarily secured the panel to the bottom board with "zip ties" , then gone back and nailed/stapled/whatever

that's what many rental companies use to hold their commercial booths together, at trade shows ... some of those ties are remarkably long, thick, and durable

also, if you need to hold something "sorta" together before firmly securing it ... a pair of old nylons or pantyhose works amazingly well .. you can cut them to whatever length you need, and they won't bite you ...

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