Hooray!!! ive now got chickens


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May 20, 2009
UK, Wales
Hi all,

just thought id post this as im like a child with a new toy

Just got 4 13week old common hens.
looks like they will settle in nicely in the shed ive converted to a coop.
only thing is, 3 of them went straight into the nest boxes & look like they are hiding. the other one is very forward and already taking food out of my hand.
are the other 3 ok? is this normal?
also, in the coop there are two windows, shall i cover these up completly or leave a small gap for the light to get in?
:wootThey will be fine. Give them time to get used to their new surroundings. They will see the forward one eating and they too, will join in the fun! Congrats and good luck!
They might just be a bit startled by the move & are taking it slowly. Sitting in a nest box is probably a 'safe' place for them. They might take a few days or weeks to adjust to the move before they start laying regularly also. You could leave the windows open for them, at least a bit, as long as they aren't an entrance for a predator to come in. Congratulations on the new additions to your flock!
Hey welcome,
I like you am new to this I got my first 5 hens last Tuesday; Saturday I'm picking up another 10!!!! Chickens seem to be like pringles once u pop u just cant stop!! Anyway let us know how u get on and I hope u find this site invaluable like I have! And ur chickies seem to be young so should adjust quite quickly!
well.... put the hens out for the first time today in the run. took a little encouragement but they ar ehappy sitting in the dust & eating the vegitation.
ive bought a large window box (made sure it had no holes in!!) and filled it with water to keep outside aswell as a drinker inside the shed.
would be ok if i only put water outside or should i have one in & one out?
they realy are characters. my 2 4yr old boys love watching them & feeding them. and the chooks arent scard of them at all.

ill try & get some good pics of the chooks

by the way, cracking site. full of helpfull people. maybe oneday i can pass on my experience.
Congrats on the new babies!! Glad they are fairing well! As for me, I only keep water in the coop which they have access to from the run. I would be very careful about having water in a window box, just make sure that if one were to fall in that she wouldn't drown. If it's not too deep, it can't hurt for them to have extra water

Can't wait to see pics!
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