Hooray, my new pullets finally roosting...


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Mar 23, 2013
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As like so many newbies, I was skeptical my girls would ever roost at night. They all used the roost throughout the day but huddled in a heap by the door at night. Not being familiar with chick behavior I tried leaving the light on dim thinking that might help...uh, no. So while continuing to fret about my now supposedly 12 week-olds, I read a variety of threads here daily. Well, I just read about the importance of good ventilation and plan to add under-eave vents in the next few days. Until that time I thought I would leave a hardware-cloth-covered window open at night since the girls were huddling by the door crack. Viola! Last night and the night before they all slept on the roost! Poor little girls...who knew fresh air is as important as security? Although i've successfully raised beef cattle and llamas, chickens are a first for me and i must admit there is a new learning curve here. Huh. People can be so dumb (and slow) sometimes. :)

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