Hop Rhyzomes Toxic to Dogs??


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
I just found out that hops themselves can be toxic to dogs but I am wondering about the rhyzomes/roots? I am asking because I started clearing out a section of hops a few weeks ago and my little 17wk old Rottweiler/Doberman mix has been chewing on the roots since day one, she acts like its her most favotire thing to do anymore. She has recently been having some issues with her mouth/face/jaw and when the first swelling showed up on her face there was a LOT of crying and painfullness to it, we took her to the vet and he determined it was a bee sting, gave her a couple injections & some steroids for a few days and it went away. Well now her jaw is swollen and there's an enflamed lymphnode behind the jawbone. We just came back from the vet a bit ago and he said it's possible that she was kicked and has a small fracture and that's what's causing the swelling....

I just caught her in the yard with a root in the mouth though and started thinking about the hops possibly being toxic. So does anyone know if the roots are toxic too?

She's been acting so dopey and sleeps so much lately, she's just not acting normal.

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