hopefully someone can relate to these symptoms


7 Years
Mar 31, 2012
Fowlerville michigan
I have a hen that started limping 4 day's ago. She is one of the more feisty ones so I assumed she twisted it trying to jump out of her fenced area, (Her and one other are the only one's that occasionally decide to do that and then try to figure out how to get back in 5minutes later. The pen is 6' so it's a big jump) anyway now another one started limping this morning, they both are 100% normal acting, and no one is picking on them.I am hopeful it's not mareks, but I got them from TSC and from reading that mightnot be a good place to purchase chicks. The winter was really bad and most of the winter none came out from the top floor of the coop, not to mention the mountain size poop pile that was frozen stiff and I couldn't clean up until after it thawed out, could it be infection? Bacterial? I can't find anything wrong with their feet....

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