Hoping a hen would go broody


Dec 31, 2017
West Monroe, Louisiana
5 days ago, I decided to leave the eggs in the coop so that maybe one of my hens would go broody. I have 20 eggs in there so far that are in 3 different nest boxes. Since none of my hens are laying on any of them, does this mean they won't try to hatch them? And should I just take the eggs out?
I don't think they will set the eggs if they have already collected 20, maybe take them out and try again? I'm no expert so i'm not positive though.
I have only had hens go broody like 3 or 4 times but every time they did they had a clutch around 10 or 15 eggs. My hens push the eggs under them too when they lay, i'm not sure why they do it :idunno

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