Hoping for St. Paddy eggs!!


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Last night when I was closing up the hen house, I noticed a hen in a nesting box. I know there were no eggs under her because I had already collected them earlier in the evening. Today she was still there and there were two eggs with her. She's broody!!
So I put three more eggs under her. Tomorrow I will put three more eggs in for a total of eight. Last year she had two clutches, each one having three. I'm also trying to incubate 20 eggs and the lockdown day is Thursday. Hoping to get some to hatch
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I've got one St. Paddy chick
I know Gertrude is getting tired of me checking under her so I am letting her be for the night. I will look again in the morning to see how many more there are. Hoping that all 8 will hatch
I also have another hen that has gone broody so I will put some more eggs under her tommorrw. I'm so excited.
I had two hatch yesterday...both of them look like chipmunks. This morning I went out to check and she has two more, one yellow and one black. All of them 'should' be OE banty chicks.

She went broody with two eggs of her own and added another the next day. I added four eggs from her mother and sisters on that second day. All 'should' be fertile.

This morning she has four dry babies, and is still sitting on the last three eggs. I don't know if they are pipping or what...I tend to just leave my sitting hens alone except for making sure I take them off the nest once a day. Leaving them alone is the hardest part to letting the hens hatch chicks.

It will be warm this afternoon so I'm going to make an enclosure for her and her babies for when she takes them off the nest. My biggest problem last year was the babies who would go through the enclose fencing and the hen who couldn't. It is simply amazing how young, and how tiny the chicks are and they can fly up way higher then you would think they could.

I have a roll of plastic 'chicken wire' with half inch openings I'm going to use to pen the little family up.

Terry in TN

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