Hoping my Gandars back isn't broken or permantly crippled.....;0(

Discussion in 'Geese' started by mominoz, May 3, 2016.

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    Feb 17, 2009
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    Two Super African Brothers.... 1 yr old. I had the brothers and one goose in a night pen, because the mate has a new baby (next to them. I had seen them tussle a bit ,and broke a fight up twice.. (and then found another egg, which may explain it). but they seemed to be reasonably ok, I thought , no blood, no ripping out feathers.(which I had another gandar do once)....
    Yesterday I found him , unable to stand. Otherwise I couldn't find anything. He can push himself awkwardly with his legs on his belly and uses his wings also. I put him with his mate. He found a place to sit where he is comfortable, and I have food and water next to him, which he seems to be eating and drinking. No point in taking him to my country vet, except to pay for a diagnosis of 'give him time to heal' or "cull him"....
    Anyone every known of a Gandar to break a back of another the same size? I am hoping he is just brusied and battered and maybe some torn muscles or ligaments that could heal.... I of course will monitor him closely, and give time to see if he is improving.... and it is too bad, as I like him more than Mr. Meany....

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