Hoping to get this rooster adopted

Kirk Nagel

Jun 9, 2017
I have 13 chickens in a large coop and run on my property. When I bought the pullets from a breeder, I thought that I was getting only hens. Turns out one is a rooster. At first, I was going to take him back to the breeder, but then decided to keep him. All the chickens are now a little over a year old. The hens are healthy and happy but the rooster is a little hard on them. He tends to rip the feathers from their backs when he breeds with them. I even had to remove one hen from the flock for awhile because she was bleeding badly, to give her time to heal. The flock and the rooster are Rhode Islands, and are very docile. Elton the rooster has to go. I grew up on a ranch and know how to dispatch a chicken, but wanted to give the boy a chance of maybe becoming someone's pet.

I live near Lakeside California.

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