Hopping Feet~A Rabbit RP

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    Read This First Please.
    A) By Joining This Rp, I Promise All BYC Rules Shall Be Followed And That I Have Read And Understand All The BYC Rules Including The Role Play Rules.
    B) I Promise There Shall Be NO Swearing, Cursing (This Includes Using Symbols) Or Inappropriate Adult Sexual Activity Or Innuendo. This Includes Breeding, Mating Innuendo In Non-Human Character Too.
    C) I Promise Everything On This RP Shall Be G Rated And Plausible For All Ages.
    D) I Promise To Treat Everyone With Kindness Respect As Is The BYC Way.
    E) I Promise Not To Post Any Material That Violates The Copyright Laws. This Means If You Didn't Create The Item (Like A Picture/Image) And You Didn't Get Direct Permission From The Creator To Post The Item, Then Don't.

    Hopping Feet Is A RP About Rabbits! If You Don't Know How Wild Rabbit Colonies Work Then Please Find Out Before Joining.

    Rules: Rule 1: Please! Use Natural Colors For Now! I'll Update You All Once Other Colors Are Allowed!
    Rule 2: No Magic Unless You Ask If Your Character Can Have Magic And I Say That They May.
    Rule 3: This Is A Rabbit RP So No Other Animals Unless It Is A Conflict Like: Wolves Have Come To Eat The Rabbits.

    I Plan On Making Them As The Game Goes On So None For Now.

    -Chocolate Is A Dark Brown Bunny With Darker Brown Eyes, Her Gender Is Female.
    -BunBun Is A Stereotypical Wild Bunny With Black Eyes, Her Gender Is Female.
    -Hero Is White Bunny With Red Eyes, His Gender Is Male.

    None Yet.

    Forum To Join:
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    Okay what are we doing?
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    Well It's About Rabbits! Not Much Else To Say.
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    Lost, I fear.
    Name: Ash
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10 months (young adult)
    History: Born and raised a colony rabbit. Her parents are a typical buck and doe: completely unambitious and unperturbed, completely the opposite of the courageous Ash.
    Personality: Brave, fast, fearless, audacious, considerate, kind, and loyal. Only those who deserve it truly ever earn her reluctant trust. Would die to save another rabbit. One of the fastest rabbits in the colony as well.
    Parents: Blaze and Fern.
    Siblings: Storm (will make her)
    Looks: Pretty, silvery-gold doe with muscular legs. Moderately furred; has a scar along her right ear from a fox's jaws and she loves to use it to prove her bravery.
    Username: HeavensHens88
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    (OMG I Am SO Sorry! I Literally JUST Got Up From Bed!)

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