Horizon Single Stall Shipping Boxes RTG *NY*


14 Years
Mar 16, 2008
Southern Columbia County NY
Horizon Single Stall Shipping Boxes - Brand New

1 Ready to go, single stall box is $16.25 shipped.
2 Ready to go boxes are $34.00 shipped.

Just send me a PM if you would like to purchase.

Brand New Horizon Single Stall Shipping Box. Ready to go with filters already glued in. Each box comes with 1 handle and 2 zipties, plus the filters glued in. Dimensions of box 20" long x 16" tall and 8" wide. Box will be shipped flat. Shipping is by priority mail with a delivery confirmation/tracking #. Shipping is included in price. Payment by either paypal to [email protected] or I can take a United States Postal Service Money Order. Want insurance, email me. *All Sales Final*​
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