Hormonal Roosters

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    Last week as I was leading the chicks and my roo from the front yard, I felt something bumping me from the back. I knew it wasnt my dog! so what was it. I finally caught my Brahma Roo hitting me in the back. What the heck? I realized I had my pink robe, no tie on and it was flaring out beside me. I was a beacon for this fellow. I wrapped my robe and off we all went to the coop.
    He is not allowed to mate if Im out there, he not allowed to push the ladies away from the food, he can wait his turn or go to the other bowl. He seems to have backed off, especially when I grab my old broom and swat and yell no at him. He is learning Im alpha, hes not if Im in his presence. He is such a good guard roo and really takes care of his ladies, even the little one.

    He had never done this before and my friend told me he was hormonal because we are having an early spring. Does this make sense, He is about 9mos old.
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    Yes, it makes perfect sense. At that age they're still a bit hormonal anyway though it should be dropping off a bit before long.
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    At nine months old, he's just now going to show you what he's made of. Will he be great, not so great, or stewpot volunteer? Judge him over the next few months and see what he becomes.
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