Hormones or love-why do I so feel bad?

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Apr 26, 2011
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I awoke yet another morning to "Whonnnnnk!" 5:40Am and its getting light out. I open my drapes and see inside their coop my two 11&1/2 week old ganders are already standing at the door with their duck gal pals right behind them... they know they don't get out until 7am, per the noise ordinances...they like to make a fuss for a bit in the morning, so I save it for after the clock strikes 7am. My small flock resides in my small backyard, they have a pretty nice life with a decent setup, but I never planned on keeping these ganders from the get-go--once I found out that they were ganders--stupid straight run! I have had a good home lined up for a month now, hoping to see them fully mature first.
This morning has been the about the 15th time I have awoken to the Whonk noise before 7am, and its not like they are silent the rest of the day either... they just made up my mind for me that today is the day the begin their new lives somewhere else.
I called my Mom, had her re-confirm their invitation to a really awesome urban farm in the Back Bay area of Newport Beach, California---there is actually a 2 acre farm down there amongst the yuppies believe it or not---WITH ROOSTERS too! And I went out and herded the geese away from the ducks who are pretty inseperable...so sad...

Right now they await the "come on down" call from the costa mesa farm...and they are temporarily residing on the side of my house isolated from their duck sisters with some food and water...and COMPLETELY SILENT.

The ducks have been depressed since this morning when I took the geese away, they have holed up under their raised coop and aren't frolicking like usual.

I just folded all the laundry while watching a sad movie and now I just feel awful about doing this to my geese and ducks.... they grew up together, the geese are the ducks' protectors...and bullies most of the time... I just hate to see my ducks looking so down. I know the geese will really go nuts at their new home...but I'll miss them too! I'mm so used to them!

Is how I'm feeling because of that stupid sad movie I just watched during laundry or should I really be feeling guilty breaking up my little family unit? Will my ducks recover?
I got a female, she is only 3 weeks now and my coop and yard can't take the abuse from 3 geese... the constant bickering between the ganders is frustrating too. I am only allowed 5 animals on my lot size and I will have six already (I thought I would play it safe in case one dies). They are going in the morning now, so its a done deal... man are my ducks depressed... I need to give them extra treats and face time.
I meant that maybe you should get a female or two to replace the males. maybe when your lil female is older she can go out with the ducks and they will be happy again. I have a pair of geese that my ducks have grown up with but I am wanting to sell them. I am expecting a pair of americans from holderreads in a week or two and I am going to wait until the new geese are grown enough to be introduced to the flock before I sell my pair of embdens
Just wanted to say hi, and I think you are doing the right thing. We don't have limits on animal numbers but I'm in an urban area and if mine turn out to be boys they'll have to go as well, just like the cockerels I end up with. They will pine for a while I'm sure but give them a few days and they'll be right as rain. And the ganders will be off in goose heaven with all that land and a whole new bunch of friends.

Hope the eventual goodby went ok

Oh I am so sad for you

The geese will be fine, and the ducks will adapt and be fine, as well.
You are giving them a great home, so dont feel guilty.

I have a question, though. I have a single goose- Henry. Do single males make lots of noise? Or is it just when you pair them up. He is best buddies now with Doodle, my muscovy cross who cant honk or quack..just whispers. I sure hope that Henry doesnt become very noisy. Or my neighbors are going to kill me.
The geese went to their new home today! And I almost joined them! It IS heaven where they are at, and they have 4 tufted roman women and one peewee female tolouse to love and protect! They won't be the masters of their new paradise, a HUGE Brown African crossbred 10 year old male will be... but what a place! In Orange County you don't come across sprawling rural looking, 5 acre farms by the beach very often.,..or ever... so these guys pretty much have it made with all the soft lawn and big 5 foot deep pool frolicking they could ever hope for!They got quickly aquainted with the flock...the new owners put them into the run to aquaint them with the flock...and there was no agression, not hissing or honks, no scared body language from my boys, AND an immediate attempt to follow the flock as it left the other side of the run, looks like they will be accepted and are eager to get some wives.

My ducks are still really depressed, they spend their day hiding under their coop, letting out an occasional Wquhaaaaaaackwackwack in hopes of a whooonk reply... I hope they forget soon.

BackyBoo; I think your male-depending on its breed and how happy he is with his companion- may be ok...but the occasional Honk will probably still happen, more often if you have visitors-at least thats what mine did-they were supposed to be a quiet breed too... They start honking at about 8-9 weeks...my geese were pretty silent until then, but the honks started becoming more prevelant...and ugh-when mine started that in the morning before 6, I knew my neighbors had to hate me!

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