Horn or rock like growth on rooster's comb


5 Years
Jun 1, 2014
Alabama Gulf Coast
Our rooster, Raylan started growing this rock like protrusion quite a while back on his comb and I just kept watching it and putting everything known to man on it but it kept slowly getting bigger. I took him to our chicken vet about 6 months ago and he was not sure what was going on with it either but he felt sure it was not parasitic or fungal in nature. He suggested I gently rock the growth back and forth to loosen it so that it would fall off. I kept fooling with it and it came off about 2 months ago. My vet offered to send it off for analysis but that would cost 200.00 so I decided not to go that route. Over the past few months little rocks will pop up on the surface of his comb but you can pick them off easily. However, today I noticed under the location of the original growth there is a root for lack of a better word under the surface of the comb that is getting larger. I am wondering if another "horn" is about to emerge? He is not crazy about me messing with it so it must be tender. Have any of y'all ever had one of your chickens grow one of these rocklike protrusions on their comb? Thanks!!!


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