hornet nests in the compost pile


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6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
what can we do to get rid of these mean things? I don't want to use a lot of chemicals in the compost, kind of defeats the purpose. My husband already did take a whack at them with hornet spray at night one time. I guess it must be a pretty big next of them.
Are they yellow jackets / ground bees? Is there actually a nest of them, or are they just attracted to what you have in the compost pile? This time of year both yellow jackets and bald faced hornets are really attracted to downed fruit. (the BFH though have a big round paper nest, usually in a tree or somewhere high). If you have a lot of fruit or vegetables in the pile attracting the bees, you could try covering the whole thing with a tarp. Do your chickens have access to the pile?
The chickens don't go near it. I would say they are yellow jackets burns like fire when they get you.
Thanks. I just e-mailed that info to my husband. Hope it works. Does it work on groun bees too? he picked up a flower pot and a whole batch came out at him a few weeks ago- got stung 5 times with that one.

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