Horrible auto accident in front of my house...Prayers needed..Update..


9 Years
May 14, 2010
There was a terrible wreck right at my drive about 2 hours ago.We heard several loud booms that we knew was a bad wreck.I'm still shaking pretty bad as I type.I'm hoping I can clear some of this from my head and maybe be able to sleep tonight.They just left with the wrecker.When we got to the scene there was a truck upside down on one side of the road and the driver on the other.The state trooper said he rolled several times for 463 feet down the road.We're in a fairly rural area so it took alittle while for the first responders to get here.It broke both back tires off the truck.I'm afraid the driver didn't make it.I don't know for sure yet.But it appeared his head hit the road really bad.He seemed to be passing away while we waited for help.I walked away down the road to stop traffic because its around a sharp curve and I didn't want someone to come upon the wreck and couldn't get stopped.When the first responders got here I walked back and they were doing CPR.They didn't seem to be getting in a hurry like they were bringing the fellow around.When they finally left with him they didn't really hurry either.We know pretty much everyone who lives on our road.I see this truck come by my house everyday.Right now I can't think enough to realize who it was.But its very likely someone we know.I feel so bad for him and his family.They probably are just getting the call that a loved one has been in a wreck.I feel like I just watched a person pass.The state trooper came and asked me if he was breathing when we got out there and he was but I think he stopped.I asked if he was breathing when they left and he said he didn't know but it didn't look good.If anybody is still up and reads this please pray for the stranger that got hurt so bad and his family,too.I'm gonna try to distract and calm myself so I can stop shaking.I sure hope this turns out better than I feel like it will.Thanks for any and all prayers sent his way.

I am sorry to say this fellow didn't make it.He did live right up the road and they think he may have had a heart attack or stroke.And he is distant kin of my father.Not sure how that is but I'm sure I'll be hearing soon.Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers.I didn't sleep at all last night.I feel just awful this morning.Hug your loved ones and keep them close.Things sure can change fast and you just really never know.Thanks again.
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Thats horrible!
I hope you find comfort knowing that you have done everything you could to help this man out. If he did pass, find comfort knowing that he is in a better place.
God bless you and the man in the accident. Kind of makes you think when these things happen
how lucky we are to be here everyday and that we should never take any day for granted.

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