Horrible Evening (Long...sorry)

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    After watching my busy 1 year old nephew for 24 hours, we were packing him up to go home when the phone rings. It was the doctor's office, and the PA I saw on Monday for some abdominal pain. (I have IBS and I believe a malfunctioning ileocecal valve, and ovarian cysts. Pain is nothing new to me, but I get it checked out if it gets too severe.) She wants me to come back in tomorrow so another doctor can check out my aorta. She won't charge me for the visit. Small freak out ensues as she uses words like aneurysm, heart attack, and stroke. After hanging up, I do some research and start a major freak out. I call the doctor's office back and want to know why I have to wait until Saturday. So the nurse in charge checks my chart and finds NOTHING in it at all about my aorta, her checking it, or her being concerned.

    Anyway, here's the story about Monday. I am nervous, and in pain, and the PA starts poking around on my abdomen. She feels my aorta with her fingers around my belly button and comments that it is pretty big. No stethescope was used, no consulting doctor brought in to feel it. I don't think anything of it as it is no where near my area of pain. I have a very thin abdominal wall, and since the birth of my second son 10 years ago, my aorta has always been close to the surface. Anyway, on Tuesday she calls me back from a cell phone of someone else to see how I am doing. I was better. Then she calls last night!!!

    So, I am now in full freak out mode. So I call my MIL who is a nurse and can calm my worst fears in an instant by making me see the logical, rational side of medicine. So basically, we (DH, MIL, and I) come to the conclusion that this is a PA who is second guessing herself about not having another doc check it, or putting the info in my chart. So, I calm down greatly and decide to not drive immediately to the ER but to wait until Saturday morning to see this PA and another doctor.

    As I was nearing the end of my conversation with my MIL, she informs me that my FIL is dying. His prostrate cancer has metastasized to his lymph system and bones. She wants me to break the news to DH.

    So I get off the phone and talk to DH, and we start looking for plane tickets to fly across the country. We are dealt the crushing blow of not being able to find tickets for less than $500 a piece for 4 of us. It is way out of our price range.

    Then we go out to give the chickens their second dose of Ivomec Pour-on and I somehow dump some all over my fingers. My fingers immediately start to tingle and I rush to the house to wash my hands. I then call Poison Control, just to be sure. It is not a medical emergency, but I am told not to drink alcohol or take any herbal supplements or prescription medications for 24 hours. The tingling had stopped when I got up this morning, but I am a bit nauseous, which could be stress.

    So that was my evening last night. Thanks for letting me share.
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    OH WOW~! I am SO sorry you had such a bad day and sorry to hear about your FIL. What a hard thing to have to go through for your family [​IMG] I sure hope everything turns out ok on Sat.
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    [​IMG] Best of luck to you.. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] I will be praying that you can get the resources you need for the trip accross the country to see your FIL, and your family to be comforted during this stressful time.
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    Oh, I am so sorry! Each of those things is stressful enough without compounding them into one day. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] and prayers being sent to you in this most difficult time. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG] Here's hoping you have a wonderful day today.
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    Yikes! That's alot of stress in one day.

    I am sorry to hear about your health scare as well as the impending loss of your father in law. Can you buy one ticket and let husband go as family rep to see him?

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