Horrible Feet Mites


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11 Years
Oct 30, 2008
Ok I have silkies and only one of them keeps getting feet mites, she has lost 2 toes. I keep treating it all the time with vaseline and just covering the legs with it which seems to help but it keeps coming back. Any ideas on making sure its gone and preventing it from coming back? I put down mite powder every time I change the shavings. This is just getting to annoying!
Is that something that you give the chicken to eat or apply to their legs?
Its off lable use, but the horse type I give mine 1 time a year a pea sized amount on a piece of bread and feed it to each one at a time. Granted I only have 5 girls and a handful of bantams.
There are more knowledgeable people here, hang in there until they can comment. I have never known leg mites to cause loss of toes, But honestly, I have not a clue! Good luck!
Ivermectin will work, but you can`t eat the eggs for 3-4 weeks after. Perhaps the Vaseline is not thin enough to get up under the leg scales where the little suckers are doing their dirty work. Use a thinner oil. Anything from WD40 to used motor oil should be thin enough to drown them. Apply at 2 week intervals. Two or three applications should do it. You didn`t mention treating the roost. WD40 is easy to apply and soaks into the wood really well. Good luck.....Pop
Thanks! I will try having her stand in some sort of oil, probably olive oil. It is just so weird that she is the only one with leg mites. No one else has it.

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